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Postdoctoral Fellow Positions in 3D Printing of Soft Materials, Computational Design, and Mechanical Metamaterials

The Guest (ce.jhu.edu/topopt), Mueller (muellerlab.com), and Nguyen (nguyenlab.wse.jhu.edu) research groups invite applications for multiple Postdoctoral Fellow positions in Digital Fabrication, Mechanical Metamaterials, and Topology Optimization. The Fellows will be based in one group and have the opportunity to collaborate within an interdisciplinary and highly visible project spanning Johns Hopkins University, a National Lab, and an industry partner.

The candidates must hold a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or a related discipline, and be experts in at least one of the mentioned fields, including

  • Hardware, materials, and software design for 3D Printing with a focus on Direct-Ink Writing
  • Active and multifunctional materials for application in multistable mechanical metamaterials
  • Computational mechanics, finite element analysis
  • Computational design including topology optimization

Interested applicants should email Prof. James K. Guest ([email protected]), Prof. Jochen Mueller ([email protected]), and Prof. Vicky Nguyen ([email protected]), and include a (i) Curriculum Vitae with a complete publication list, (ii) contact information of at least three references, and (iii) representative publications. Evaluation of candidates will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled. Initial appointments will be for 12 months with the option to renew.

The Topology Optimization group is interested in all things topology optimization, with efforts spanning method, algorithm, and software development for complex design challenges, to application of topology optimization in the design of materials, devices components and structures. We design domains spanning microns to decameters, with particular interests in design for manufacturability, from traditional processes to novel additive manufacturing technologies, design under uncertainty, design for multi-functionality, and design for application-relevant complexities.

The Mueller Lab’s research is embedded at the intersection of Additive Manufacturing, Functional Matter, and Computational Design. We develop fabrication processes that enhance the structural complexity, material versatility, and throughput speed in 3D printing. We employ modern computational tools, such as numerical modeling, optimization, and machine learning to explore the new design space. The results are (meta)materials, structures, and processes with outstanding properties and novel functionality.

The Nguyen Lab is broadly interested in studying the mechanics of soft adaptive materials, including stimuli responsive materials, mechanical metamaterials and  biological materials using an integrated experimental and modeling approach. For this project, we are int In particular, we are interested in computational analysis and design of multi-stable structures using conventional and stimuli-responsive polymers.

Johns Hopkins University is an equal-opportunity employer. Women and underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to apply.