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Congratulations to Zheliang and Bibek for SES Poster Awards

Congratulations! to Zheliang Wang and Bibekananda Datta for winning awards for their poster presentations at the Society of Engineering Science (SES) Virtual Month Annual Conference.  The top four posters were chosen by a panel of judges for each theme.

Bibekananda DattaSoft Matter
Bibekananda Datta, Aishwarya Pantula, David Gracias, Thao D. (Vicky) Nguyen. Johns Hopkins University. “A swelling and deswelling kinetics driven thermo-responsive crawler.”




Zheliang WangFrontiers Matters
Zheliang Wang, Thao D. Nguyen, Jonathan E. Seppala. Johns Hopkins University. “In-situ measurement of residue stresses in material extrusion additive manufacturing.”