Reunion at Zhejiang University

I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Zheliang University in Hangzhou, China, where Rui Xiao and Zheng Jia are now professors.  They organized a wonderful visit for me, capped with a joint group meeting of their students.  They each presented their research projects. I was impressed by the depth and creativity of their works.  It's [...]

Catching up at SB3C

We had an impromptu lunch catching up with current  and former lab members at the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport Conference at Seven Springs, PA.   Sara Bentil is 3 years into her Assistant Professor position at Iowa State and attending her first SB3C.  Kristin Myer is newly tenured at Columbia and returning from a [...]

Dr. Jiayu Liu

Congratulations to Dr. Jiayu Liu for his successful dissertation defense, “Mechanics-Based Design of Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogel Structures and Devices“. Abstract: Stimuli-responsive hydrogels undergo large swelling in response to a wide variety of stimuli, such as temperature, biochemical molecule, pH, electric or magnetic field. Programmable shape changing devices made from stimuli-responsive hydrogels have potentially wide-ranging applications, including [...]

A small reunion

One of the pleasures of teaching is seeing how well your former students are doing in their new adventures.  I ran into JHU ME alumni Bailey Hannon and Martha Whiting, BS 2015 at ARVO. I taught them both in Biosolids and Martha built an essential test fixture for my lab as an REU student.  Both [...]

Dr. Michelle Chen

Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Chen for her successful dissertation defense, “Mechanochemistry of Collagen Network Remodeling in the Sclera“. Abstract: The primary load-bearing tissue of the eye is the sclera, the eye’s white outer shell. It helps the eye maintain its shape by resisting intraocular pressure and protects the delicate intraocular structures. The sclera is able [...]

Happy New Year

We celebrated the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 with our annual get together. There was a Battle Ship and Mario Kart face-off between PhD students and postdoc and a 9 year old. Guess who won most of the time. There were also lots of food and a dessert bake off. Vicky Nguyen won [...]

Dr. Jingkai Guo

Congratulations to Dr. Jingkai Guo for his successful dissertation defense, “Modeling the Mechanical Behavior of Soft Active Materials“.  Abstract below. Soft active materials are capable of converting chemical or physical energy into mechanical work in response to various environmental stimuli such as pH, solvent, salt, heat, humidity, electric or magnetic field, and light. These materials [...]

Congratulations to Tracy

Tracy Ling wins first place in Masters Level Paper (Poster) Competition at the World Congress in Biomechanics in Dublin, Ireland.  Here is a picture of her winning poster in the lab. This has been a good year for Tracy. She also won a travel award to give a podium presentation at ARVO in Honolulu, Hawaii [...]